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When you want to hit 2 birds with 1 stone, this is the fishing gear for you! Basically, you can catch tons of fish with one cast :) The Umbrella Fishing Rig is shaped like a chandelier and is able to bait more fish at once.

It's made with flexible wire arms that have lures attached to simulate a school of bait fish. So, you're tricking the fish into thinking they are swimming towards a buffet of prey but really...

This allows you to catch more fish at one time instead of just one when you use a standard pole.

Our Umbrella Rig folds neatly and can be stored in your tackle box so that you'll always have it handy.


  • Makes fish think they are swimming towards a school of bait fishes
  • Easy to cast with a straight and slow reprieve
  • Compatible with soft lures
  • Allows you to catch more fish at once


  • 1 x Fishing Umbrella Rig