16 Strands PE Braided Fishing Line

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16 Strands PE Braid 300M/500M/1000M/1500M Braided Fishing Line Multicolor Super Power Japan Multifilament Saltwater/Freshwater


Product Details:

Type: Braided Fishing Line

Material: Super Strong PE Fibers

Weaves: 16 Strands


Strength Test Range(LB):60LB-310LB

Strength Test Range(KG):27.2KG-140.6KG

Diameter Range(mm):0.29MM-1.20MM

1 Colors : Multicolor

Suitable: Saltwater/Freshwater


1.16 Strands fishing line, material from Japan, unique braid construction, made of ultra-high strength PE fibers.

2.Smooth lines. Surface special coating, smoother than ever.

3.Round-braided, High linear strength, High abrasion resistance .

4.Exceptional strength and toughness, more durable, hard to pull.

5.Low memory. Superior winding technology that eliminates line memory for smooth cast control.

Basic Parameter:

Line Number 3.0# : 60LB-0.29MM-27.2KG

Line Number 4.0# : 80LB-0.32MM-36.3KG

Line Number 5.0# : 95LB-0.37MM-43.1KG

Line Number 6.0# : 110LB-0.40MM-49.9KG

Line Number 7.0# : 130LB-0.45MM-59.0KG

Line Number 8.0# : 140LB-0.50MM-63.5KG

Line Number 15.0# : 220LB-0.80MM-99.8KG

Line Number 20.0# : 255LB-0.90MM-115.7KG

Line Number 25.0# : 275LB-1.00MM-124.7KG

Line Number 30.0# : 310LB-1.20MM-140.6KG

For Example:

Line Number 6.0# : 110LB-0.40MM-49.9KG, means the strength is 110lb (49.9kg)and the diameter is 0.4mm.


Packing List:

1pcs * Fishing Line